Welcome to our farm

I have so many things to share in these these few seconds ………

This is actually a website under construction.  The construction phase always takes longer than one thinks.  Before it changes, have a look, there is so much to learn about our farm and why we do it.  Our new website will focus more on where our farm has evolved: Regenerative Organic Farming.  I like to think of it as “making the world better, one pig at a time”.

I’ve always loved animals growing up as a kid.  Fast forward many decades and now I’m surrounded by animals: pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, donkeys, bison, dogs, cats and my 37 year old turtle “Tortuga”

PIGS? There’s an animal who knows how to find quality in life, if given the chance.  Quality if life is our focus.  I love raising animals.

US?     First Nature Farms is an organic farm that specializes in the raising of heritage pigs (Berkshire and Red Wattle) and organic grass fed bison.  Organic since 1990, our sales consist of organic pork to Vancouver stores: Famous Foods and several of the Choices Markets.

This website can provide you with tons of stories, both funny and sad, about adventures on the farm and the animals  we share it with.  Updated every month, the  “Farm News” has been going for years.

There is so much happening.  Please use the menus above to navigate our site.

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