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Pig Pageant

Chatting with my neighbor over the phone she remarked. “I’ve got the most beautiful pig in the world”. I teased “No, I’ve got the most beautiful pig in the world”. This was the conversation that lead to the 2021 Pig Pageant. It’s just between the two of us (for now) but I’d like to expand the event to include other farmers with their pigs for next year; hopefully to make people more aware of these amazing animals. Similar to other beauty contests there are a few rules and three categories: Face, figure and talent. Judging? You be the judge!

Entry from the Outsider Ranch


Entry from First Nature Farms

Pig Pasture Reincarnated

Video fly over our pig quarter section, 1/2 mile X 1/2 mile.

Every few months we move the pigs and their habitat
to a fresh area on the quarter section

In this video Jerry is disking the pig field. Disking
incorporates the detritus and crap left by the pigs into the
soil. No pesticides. No herbicides. No toxic fossil-based
fertilizers. Just plain pigshit.

The pigs themselves are free to roam and gloam over their
pasture with nary a livestock “prison” building in sight.

Happy pigs. Pigs are well. Pigs are free.
Let fly. Let regenerate. Let it be.