Certification and Support

PACS (Pacific Agricultural Certification)

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1990 was the first year that the farm became certified organic.  We started with the “Peace River Organic Producers Association” which later became a part of the “Pacific Agricultural Certification Service”.  You can view the complete document at “Canadian Organic Standards and Permitted Substances List”.

BCSPCA (British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

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The BCSPCA was one of the first organizations in Canada to develop standards for raising farm animals.  First Nature Farms first joined in 2006 and have been supporters ever since.

Global Animal Partnership (GAP)

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When “Whole Foods” in Vancouver and West Vancouver approached us with the possibility of purchasing pork we were introduced to the “Global Animal Partnership” (GAP).  This organization has a similar function to the SPCA in that they verify and certify that the animals are raised according to specific standards. In 2011 we attained a level 4 status which according to them, was the highest they had certified for pig farms in Canada.

Other Organizations We Support