Edmonton Price List

Farmers Market – Spring 2015

Old Strathcona Farmers Market

First Nature Farms is represented at the market on aisle 8, south end, Saturdays between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM.

All organic products from First Nature Farms still contain no wheat, dairy or egg products.

  • Winner of  1996  SPCA “Farmer of the Year.”
  • Supplier to Team Canada
  • 2000 World Culinary Olympics
  • 2004/06/08/12/14 delegate to Slow Foods’ Terra Madre – Turin, Italy


Our herd of grass-fed Angus/Galloway cattle have been certified organic for the past 25 years.  With over 3000 acres of organic pastures, meadows and forest to graze, our beef is naturally raised the way nature intended.  Natural, nutritious, rich in flavour, the only man-made product our animals ever receive is an ear tag.

BEEF $/kg $/lb
lean ground beef 17.84 8.11
beef stew 20.64 9.38
inside round roast 22.88 10.40
outside round roast 22.88 10.40
boneless cross rib roast 26.03 11.83
prime rib roast 28.38 12.90
boneless sirloin steak 21.45 9.75
strip loin steak 51.98 23.63
rib eye steak 41.26 18.75
beef tenderloin 61.45 27.93
short ribs 23.46 10.66
beef sausage* 31.18 14.27

*beef sausage ingredients: organically raised beef, organic brown rice flour, organic garlic, sea salt, organic pepper

Sides of Beef

Sorry, none available until Fall 2015.


Naturally hardy and healthy, our bison roam freely on our certified organic pastures. The organic pastures and hays guarantee our grass fed bison to be free from chemical residues often found in conventional feed. Nutritional studies suggest bison to be low in fat, low in cholesterol, high in iron, high in omega 3 fatty acids, high in protein.  For great information on nutrition, cooking tips and recipes, check out ilovebison.com

BISON $/kg $/lb
extra lean ground bison 25.45 11.57
bison stew 31.20 14.18
round roast 29.90 13.59
sirloin tip roast 32.50 14.77
top sirloin steak 42.90 19.50
sirloin tip steak 38.98 17.72
rib eye steak 54.60 24.81
striploin (New York steak) 54.60 24.81
tenderloin (steaks or roast) 84.50 38.41
bison kidney, tongue 10.00 4.55
bison sausage* 32.50 14.77
bison maple saskatoon sausage** 41.32 18.78
bison patties*** (6 x 4 oz.) 22.50 for 6 patties
bison steak burgers*** (2 x 6 oz.) 16.80 for 2 patties

* bison sausage ingredients: organic bison, organic brown rice flour (used only as binder if neccessary), organic garlic, sea salt, organic pepper
** bison maple saskatoon sausage ingredients: organic bison, organic saskatoons, organic maple syrup, organic brown rice flour (used only as binder if neccessary), organic garlic, sea salt, organic pepper
*** bison patties and bison steak burgers ingredients: 100% organic bison, no salt, no spices

Sides of Bison

$5.50/lb plus butcher costs


Raised outside on pasture, our porkers are fed totally organic diets without the requirement for antibiotics. Naturally healthy and clean, they enjoy the freedom to explore, graze, socialize, wallow, sunbathe, or fluff up their beds of organic straw. Our pigs are strict vegetarians and eat only organic grains and seeds.

PORK $/kg $/lb
lean ground pork 16.02 7.28
boneless shoulder roast 18.92 8.60
boneless butt steak 18.92 8.60
leg roast 18.92 8.60
boneless loin chop 32.81 14.91
boneless loin roast 31.82 14.46
side ribs 19.90 9.04
back ribs 34.73 15.79
pork tenderloin 42.95 19.52
pork sausages*
Breakfast, Maple, Bratwurst, Chorizo,
Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Sun-dried Tomato
27.30 12.41
Pork Flavour Packs
Spicy Thai, Parmesan Dijon, Hot Mexican
27.30 11.87
Cured Pork Products
Sliced pork belly (bacon)** 28.00 12.72
Sugar cured pork leg (ham)** 28.00 12.72

*pork sausage ingredients: organic pork, brown rice flour (used as a binder if necessary), spices, salt

**bacon and ham ingredients: organic cane sugar, Celtic sea salt, natural hickory smoke

Sides of Pork

  • $4.50/lb/side (hanging weight)
    Includes cutting, wrapping and freezing (sides average 100 pounds)



Pastured only in the summer months, our free range chickens are raised organically right from day one. Our custom designed shelters offer the chickens over 4300 sq feet of freedom to explore and graze our organic pastures. The shelters are mobile and are moved regularly to ensure the chicken have the best environment and free range possible. The best care translates to the best chicken, something our customers remind us all the time!

CHICKEN $/kg $/lb
whole birds 11.85 5.39


Our free range, certified organic turkeys are grazed on our organic pastures, supplemented with flax, soy, sunflower and Peace Country grains. Eating only organic, the birds are naturally healthy and never medicated. The low stress life is insured by “Joe the Donkey” who keeps a watchful eye on his flock.

TURKEY $/kg $/lb
whole turkey 11.85 5.39
turkey stir fry, ground 30.56 13.89
turkey wings, drumsticks 12.72 5.79
turkey sausage* 39.00 17.72

*turkey sausage ingredients: organic turkey, brown rice flour (used as a binder if necessary), salt, pepper, sage