Holistic Goals

Quality of Life

  • To be involved in work and leisure that is meaningful and rewarding.
  • To feel financially, physically and emotionally secure.
  • To recognize that we all have individual goals and support each other as we work towards them.
  • To help our children to be healthy, happy and productive, even through adulthood.
  • To determine our purchases based on our values and principals.
  • To have and enjoy good health.
  • To farm in harmony with our natural surroundings in order to sustain and enhance its natural biodiversity.
  • To maintain and/or develop relationships with our family, friends, neighbors and community.

Forms of Production

  • Achieve profit from livestock and meaningful work.
  • Obtain much of our food, fuel and feed from our local community.
  • Create opportunities to enhance our knowledge, talents and skills.
  • Balance time for work and leisure and set aside time for communication and exercise.

Future Resource Base

  • As people we want to be honest, caring, respectful and reliable. As farmers we want to produce in a manner that sustains our natural environment and our customers.