Certified organic since 1990.

Organic. Regenerative. Pasture Based. Non GMO. Humane. Friendly.


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The majority of these wildlife photos were taken on or close to the farm by Sam Kitt of Goodfare,  Alberta. Trumpeter Swan River Otter Cedar Waxwing Robin Great Grey Owl Chickadee Beaver Bufflehead Duck Moose Elk Mule Deer Grizzly Bear Bald Eagle Canada Geese (fall) Weasel

Predators can present major problems for livestock producers.  Although I have no statistics to prove it, predation must be the number one reason for summer cattle losses in the neighbourhood. Coyotes, bears, wolves and wild dogs (not in that order) are often the ones that get the blame. On

There are generally four ways of visiting First Nature Farms: - the Sunday visit - visitors through the WWOOF program - Apprenticeship Training - Annual Ranch Barbecue Due to all the activities that take place on First Nature Farms, we require that visitors please contact us in advance. The Sunday Visit Sundays start at 9

Quality of Life To be involved in work and leisure that is meaningful and rewarding. To feel financially, physically and emotionally secure. To recognize that we all have individual goals and support each other as we work towards them. To help our children to be healthy, happy and productive, even through adulthood. To

1990 was the first year that the farm became certified organic.  We started with the “Peace River Organic Producers Association” which later became a part of the “Pacific Agricultural Certification Service”.  As The Homestead Farm (son) evolved we decided to join certifications and signed up with EcoCert. This year

Location Surrounded by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ducks Unlimited, organic neighbours and crown land, First Nature Farms are producers of certified organic meats. Glad you dropped by!  This website is here to share information about our farm, what we produce and to provide opportunities for further education. First Nature Farms