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Why Raise Chickens? The Jasper Park Lodge was a regular customer for our wild turkeys and one time phoned to ask “can you raise chickens?” It just so happened that the previous year I had tried the outdoor method of raising chickens on pasture and produced some very tasty birds. 

Story: minus 52.5 C About 20 some years ago we used to record temperature data for Agriculture Canada.  Every morning we would check to previous days high and low temperature.  One winter morning I witnessed the lowest temperature recorded since 1914.  It was -52.5 C. At that time we had

Home of Happy Cows Around 1977 when we first moved to Goodfare, we did not bring with us a whole lot of cattle experience.  “Greenhorns from the city” the neighbours thought we were but it didn’t slow us down from trying out some new ideas at raising cattle.  It

History In the mid eighties a bison rancher from around Chetwynd B.C. forgot to close the gate to his corrals.  His two bison bulls took advantage of the situation and with freedom in mind, went through the open gate, left the corrals and headed east on their hundred mile