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Chatting with my neighbor over the phone she remarked. “I’ve got the most beautiful pig in the world”. I teased “No, I’ve got the most beautiful pig in the world”. This was the conversation that lead to the 2021 Pig Pageant. It’s just between the two of us

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The majority of these wildlife photos were taken on or close to the farm by Sam Kitt of Goodfare,  Alberta. Trumpeter Swan River Otter Cedar Waxwing Robin Great Grey Owl Chickadee Beaver Bufflehead Duck Moose Elk Mule Deer Grizzly Bear Bald Eagle Canada Geese (fall) Weasel

Predators can present major problems for livestock producers.  Although I have no statistics to prove it, predation must be the number one reason for summer cattle losses in the neighbourhood. Coyotes, bears, wolves and wild dogs (not in that order) are often the ones that get the blame. On

Jack Born in January of 2011 our little pup has reached 185 pounds and hopefully has finished growing.  I always liked the mellow temperament of the Irish Wolfhound.  Jack is as mellow as they get.  His days are spent on the porch and since Jack arrived we have never

Following is a list of websites and video documentaries related to food and the environment it comes from: Informative Sites E-ZINE Cyberbulletin Organic Alberta  Interesting Video Documentaries There is a plethora of documentary evidence of the tampering, corrupting, defiling and profiteering of and from our food supply. Many of the following videos are available on