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Surrounded by the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Ducks Unlimited, organic neighbours and crown land, First Nature Farms are producers of certified organic meats. Glad you dropped by!  This website is here to share information about our farm, what we produce and to provide opportunities for further education.

First Nature Farms is located in the western part of Canada in the province of Alberta.  We are one hour west of Grande Prairie with the border of British Columbia 4 1/2 miles to the west.

Goodfare is our closest centre, 12 miles away, consisting of around 8 homes, a community hall, an outdoor hockey rink and a mail box.


The Beaver Tribe or Dane-zaa with their ancestors called this area “home” for the past 10,500 years.  Alexander Mackenzie was the first European to explore the area in 1793.  Towards the late 1800’s settlement of the area began with pioneers moving in from areas east, United States and Europe.

beaver tribe

The farm was settled in 1918.  For decades it operated as a large cattle ranch and has been referred to as “The Ranch” ever since.

In 1977 in my hitch hiking days I was on my way to Alaska.


Originally from Edmonton, I was starting a journey that unknowingly, would change my life.  I made it to Grande Prairie but from there had a hard time finding a ride.  Finally a 60’s green Volkswagon van came to a slow stop (bad brakes I thought).  The hairy driver got out and started walking towards me.  That seemed a bit unusual and I grabbed my pack and started walking towards the driver.  When we met he stared at me and said “Jerry?”  I realized that he was my cousin who I hadn’t seen in years.  Just that day he had signed the papers for a new piece of land.  I diverted my plans, hopped into the van and discovered a place called “Goodfare”.  Later that year, I too would become a landowner.


In 1980 I became a partner on the ranch that would eventually evolve into First Nature Farms. One by one my partners left to pursue other interests that left me and my new family as the farmers. Conventional farming was tough and it was a course in Holistic Management that change our way of thinking.  With a set of holistic goals, our path was guided to the present.