Certified organic since 1990.

Organic. Regenerative. Pasture Based. Non GMO. Humane. Friendly.


Holistic goals

  /  Holistic goals

Quality of Life – What is important in my life

To be emotionally, financially and physically healthy.

To trust, respect, and support family and friends.

To create opportunities for education, personal growth, adventure, and leisure.

To develop mutually beneficial relationships with visitors to our farm.

To begin every day with optimism, fill it with laughter and joy, and end the day with a feeling of accomplishment, fulfillment, and appreciation.

Forms of Production – How am I going to get there

Profit from selling pork, beef, bison, and poultry.  Profit from sales of cows and breeding stock.  Profit from off-farm income:  jobs, surface land revenue, and mentorship.

Continue my education and development through social activism, courses, and conferences.

Increase independence through energy production, food production, and self-reliance.

Support leisure opportunities such as music, fishing, yoga, hockey, community involvement, and outdoor activities.

Maintain the traditions of New Years and Ranch BBQ’s festivities.

Celebrate time with family and friends.

Landscape – What will the future look like?

Clean water on the farm for drinking and habitat. 

Healthy, productive fields and pastures.  

Enhanced natural biodiversity.

A self sufficient community from cradle to grave which celebrates and respects annual traditions.