Certified organic since 1990.

Organic. Regenerative. Pasture Based. Non GMO. Humane. Friendly.


The Homestead Farm

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The Homestead is operated by my son Donovan and his wife Lisa.
We work together on the same land and share the same goals, but our operations differ according to the enterprise.  While First Nature Farms specializes in organic pork which is marketed in Vancouver, the Homestead produces beef, chicken, vegetables, eggs, and micro-greens which they sell at the Grande Prairie Farmer’s Market, through their website, and in several local restaurants, and health food stores.

Donovan, Lisa and their two young boys share their fun times on the farm. They are quite active on social media and a link to their Instagram page is below.

How it started:

How it’s going :

Organic Chicken – Deposit
CA $20.00

Don’t miss out their organic pastured chickens this year! Chickens are $6,75/lb, average 6 Ibs, and will be ready at the end of July.*