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Organic Farming

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It was 1990 when I made the decision that organic farming was the path I would follow. It made sense. Even when our farm/ranch was first started in 1980 our farm goal was to “protect and enhance our natural biodiversity”.

Going organic meant that we would be working with more natural systems rather than synthetics. I was good with that.

It seems to me that the food choices we have available to us today could be divided them into three categories: conventional, organic and regenerative.

Conventional – The majority of food items available in our stores come from conventional systems where the goal is to produce as cheaply as possible to satisfy consumer demands. Little consideration is given to the environment other than that mandated by law.

(photo from a 26 story pig barn in China)

Organic – No pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or genetically modified products are allowed. The goal is to produce clean, healthy food with minimal impact on the environment.

Only organic grains and greens can grow organic pigs.

Regenerative – An agricultural practice that focuses on regenerating soils with the ultimate goal being to remove CO2 from the atmosphere and returning as much as possible to the soil. The aim is to improve the health and diversity of the soil in a humane way which benefits all species.

First Nature Farms is striving to be a regenerative, organic farm.

The bare soil in the background has been fertilized by pigs and will quickly be reseeded to grow lush pasture until the pigs return in 15 years.