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Pets on the Farm

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Clifford Wants to Play

Great Pyrenees x

“Galileo, Galileo, Figaro, Magnifico, co, co, co”

Galileo is a past tense dog, sad. Figaro is the white one and the dominant of the two. He was easy to train to heel since he is tall enough that you can rest your hand his head as you walk. He likes that. Magnifico had the misfortune of getting kicked by a bull when he was less that a year old and after a a $6500 operation is doing just fine. When I get the next dog the new name will be Cococo.

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Dairy Cow

Empress supplies all of our milk needs, including yogurt, cheese, butter…
She’s been giving 12 – 16 litres every morning. That’s more milk than we consume so we share her with our neighbours who come by to milk her. It takes around 1100 squeezes to get a gallon of milk.

Runner Ducks

They’re more like a penguin or like some say, “a wine bottle on legs”. When people ask “what is your favourite farm animal?” my answer is the runner ducks. They are so fascinating! Unlike other birds, these guys always stick together like a herd of ducks . Where one goes, they all go and can move really fast, all the time quacking.


It was in 1990 that Team Canada entered the Culinary Olympics in Germany with our turkey; at the time Merriums Wild Turkey. They won gold. Now we raise a variety considered to be critically endangered, the Beltsville turkey. They are a small breed ranging between 8 – 15 pounds. The Nicholson Whites we raised before reached weights of over 48 pounds.
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Not sure anymore but Julio is around 37 years old.  He started out around the the size of a silver dollar and just kept growing.  He eats every few days and prefers frozen minnows to commercial turtle food.  Red Eared Sliders have a life span of 30 years. He obviously likes it here.