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Born in January of 2011 our little pup has reached 185 pounds and hopefully has finished growing.  I always liked the mellow temperament of the Irish Wolfhound.  Jack is as mellow as they get.  His days are spent on the porch and since Jack arrived we have never had a coyote on the porch.  They do however wander right in front of the house.  Jack’s OK with that.  Jack and Jesse are buds.

Jack,Jesse,chicken Jack-winter


Jesse is the hunter.  Not a mouse can escape his watchful eye and over the past 12 years he’s done pretty well.  Not a mouse in the house.




The oldest cat in the family, Purr only ventures outside in the summer.  Everyone loves Purr and Purr loves everyone in return.




A few years back my daughter and I made a deal.  She would sign up for piano lessons if she could get a rescue cat from the SPCA.   Six years later, the cat has lasted longer than the lessons.


Celestial Gazers

I couldn’t resist.  It was the first time ever I had walked into a pet store to look at the goldfish and started laughing.  These crazy looking fish were first bred in China in the 1870’s.  For obvious reasons, they prefer floating fish food.

celestial gazer


Not sure anymore but Julio is around 23 or 24 years old.  He started out around the the size of a silver dollar and just kept growing.  He eats only every few days and prefers frozen minnows to commercial turtle food.  Red Eared Sliders have a life span of 20-25 years.




The perfect cow.  Buttercup is a Jersey who supplies all of our milk needs.  She gives about a gallon a day every morning.  The quiet cow will let anyone milk her and really appreciates getting rubbed and scratched. It take around 1100 squeezes to get a gallon of milk.





Joe the donkey has served an important role on the farm.  For years he worked as the protector of the poultry.  His job was to keep the coyotes away from the chickens and turkeys while they were out on pasture.  Recently Joe got two girlfriends (Julia and Jessica) and became the father of a young daughter (Jasmine).



Hestur the blonde Icelandic horse likes to keep her bangs long.



Edith the goat was a birthday present. She has personality plus and wins hands down in the farm animal popularity contest. That’s not to say she isn’t also a mischievous prankster. Anything in sight is fair game for Edith’s diet, which has varied from motor oil to screws to rose thorns.




Yard Chickens

The “free-est” range chickens anywhere.  These birds could walk to Saskatchewan if they wanted to but fortunately choose to stay close to home.  We have 13 hens which supply up to 10 eggs on a good day.

chicks hang out-1