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In Canada there are over 460 bird species and the total wildlife or biodiversity of Canada consist of over 80,000 classified species, so far.

We are so lucky to share our farm with the species that call it home. Looking south out the patio doors of our house is Windsor Creek. Follow it upstream and it opens up into a 30 acre beaver pond. Trumpeter Swans and Common Loons nest on the pond and we often hear them flying overhead. When we look out the doors we may see beavers at work, falling trees and carrying sticks to keep their dam in good shape or to store for their winter feed. If you’re really lucky the River Otters will show up.

We are lucky to have three creeks flow through our farm: Beavertail Creek, Windsor Creek and Barr Creek. Our goal is to have the water flow away from our farm cleaner than when it enters.

In pictures

The majority of these wildlife photos were taken on or close to the farm by Sam Kitt of Goodfare,  Alberta.

Canada Geese
Bald Eagle
Grizzly Bear
Mule Deer
Bufflehead Duck
Great Grey Owl
Cedar Waxwing
River Otter
Trumpeter Swan